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What Is a Certified Property Manager?

IREMOur property supervisors are certified by the Institute of Real Estate Management (I.R.E.M.). This national organization is devoted to the development of professional real estate management and is a division of the National Association of Realtors.

A CPM brings to your investment:

Knowledge of the real estate industry

When a CPM manages your property, you get someone who is up-to-date on the latest trends in real estate. As a professional, CPM members must complete numerous hours of education to earn their designation. But learning doesn't stop there. All CPM members must meet a continuing education requirement to retain their designation and have access to the latest industry information through educational courses, publications, and IREM's web site.

Management expertise

CPMExperience is one of the defining qualities of a CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER. Candidates for the designation must have a minimum of five years of effective full-time decision making activity in real estate management before earning the designation. The average CPM member has more than 18 years of real estate management experience.

CPM members manage over $879 billion in real estate assets. They manage approximately 10.2 million residential units and 8.0 billion net square feet of commercial space. They are entrusted with some of the most visible and valuable real estate in the world.

Financial acumen

Having a CPM member managing your property means that you have someone who is versed in more than just fixing the plumbing and collecting the rent. The training and testing a property manager must complete to earn the designation means that your investment will be run as an investment. A CPM is equally as comfortable justifying rent increases to your tenants as they are calculating and maximizing your ROI.

Put your investment in the hands of a qualified professional

Choose a real estate manager with the proven abilities, integrity and reliability, industry knowledge, and management expertise needed to enhance the value of your real estate assets.

There are almost 9,000 CPM members worldwide ready to manage your property. Contact IREM to find a CPM in your area.

A CPM can:


You or your clients own property for one reason -- as a financial investment. A CPM can help you make the most of this investment by positioning your property to achieve its highest and best use. Because of their expertise in 91 property types, a CERTIFIED PROPERTY Manager can optimize your property's potential as an income-producing investment.


Holders of the CPM designation can best be classed as "versatile specialists." They are trained to professionally handle the full range of management tasks with skills that encompass the asset management, administrative, legal, social, economic and physical areas essential to property performance. Most CPM members manage mixed portfolios, including office buildings, shopping centers and retail properties, apartments, condominiums, federally assisted and public housing, and industrial parks.


When a property is well-managed, it is more attractive to potential tenants. Performing property inspections and overseeing operation of the building's systems will ensure that your property always looks it best. But it takes more than that to attract and retain quality tenants and residents. CPM designees also know how to market your property to maximize occupancy and minimize vacancies. Recruiting new tenants, lease negotiation and tenant improvements, and tenant retention programs are all ways in which a CPM can enhance the value of your real estate investment.


CPM members work with you as an owner and investor to achieve your goals both in the immediate future and over the long term. Whether you intend to own property for a few years or a few decades, a CPM will analyze and review your property's financial potential to help you meet your investment goals.


Whether all of your real estate investments are in one city or across the world, CPM members have the network needed to make your properties desirable in the local markets. CPM members know what's hot and what's not in your particular area and can draw upon the knowledge of almost 9,000 other CPM members worldwide for information and trends in other real estate markets.


Integrity is critical when you trust the management of your investment to another. CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER members must abide by a Code of Professional Ethics which is enforced by IREM. A CPM member's commitment to this code requires the use of utmost care in managing your property and handling funds. Those violating the ethical code are subject to revocation of the designation that provides their livelihood. You can trust your real estate investment to a CPM.

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